It’s over. The Narrator has finished speaking. The room falls quiet. The few participants, still standing, glance at each other. The Narrator then asks everyone to think back to what the room looked like at the beginning of the Exercise…

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May 25, 2017

By the end of May these youth will have shared the Blanket Exercise 29 times to over 1000 people in Saskatchewan

Although he is just finishing his Grade 12 education, Michael Cardinal is already teaching five centuries of Indigenous history. “Assimilation, residential schools, the 60s scoop, Canada’s history,” said Cardinal. Cardinal is one of eight Bert Fox Community High School students…


May 15, 2017

KAIROS Blanket Exercise bridges cultural gaps between First Nations and Alberta RCMP

‘It’s going to help me to be more attentive to what the Native people have gone through.‘ Photo: RCMP members from Alberta take part in the KAIROS Blanket Exercise in Cochrane. (Laurent Pirot/CBC) RCMP Staff Sgt. Lauren Weare tries in vain…


May 11, 2017

Discomfort, ‘real feelings’ felt by Yellowknifers during exercise about history of Indigenous North Americans

‘Blanket exercise’ represents Aboriginal people being separated from their original home and traditions Peter Workman is determined to learn — even if it makes him feel uncomfortable. “I’m part of a generation that didn’t receive a lot of training or…


May 3, 2017

An exercise in understanding: the KAIROS Blanket Exercise

The floor of Wallace Hall is criss-crossed with colourful blankets. Participants move from blanket to blanket, greeting each other quietly, occasionally trading items – a cornhusk doll for a braid of sweet grass, a piece of leather for a dreamcatcher….


April 27, 2017

“These Blankets Hold History”

In March, I had the privilege of spending two and a half weeks in Alberta and Saskatchewan sharing the KAIROS Blanket Exercise (KBE) with various organizations and communities who were interested in using the exercise to further their understanding of…


April 12, 2017

Knowing our place: the KAIROS Blanket Exercise

Participants partake in the Blanket Exercise, a workshop that delves into the effects of colonization.   Photo by KAIROS Canada Thirty adults are gathered in a large sunny room. We stand on blankets that represent the land. Turtle Island. Home. We…


April 7, 2017

Understanding reconciliation with the KAIROS Blanket Exercise

On an early spring day, dozens of students, faculty and other members of the University of Toronto law school community who have gathered in Rowell Room in Flavelle House listen quietly as they are warned that what they are about…


March 30, 2017

Blanket Exercise uncovers deep injustices in Canadian history

The report issued by Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission in June 2015 on abuse of aboriginal children in church-run residential schools included a call for non-aboriginal Canadians to learn about the impact of European settlers and their descendants on the…