April 23, 2018

Tsawout hosts Saanich Peninsula community leaders at blanket ceremony

Watching blankets slowly disappear under the feet of Saanich Peninsula community leaders, who one-by-one leave a circle of people, one is struck by the symbolism. The blankets represent the land occupied by Canada’s First People. And as those blankets are…


February 26, 2018

Reflecting on the blanket exercise

The KAIROS Blanket Exercise (KBE) is a tool developed in 1997 by KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives in which participants learn about European colonization of Turtle Island (North America), the accompanying dispossession of Indigenous peoples (reflected by the steady removal…


December 5, 2017

RCMP cadets at Depot Division in Regina will soon have a better understanding of Indigenous history in Canada

RCMP introducing Indigenous blanket exercise for all new cadets Photo: Sara Anderson (left), KAIROS Blanket Exercise Co-ordinator, leads a group of RCMP officers and staff through the blanket exercise. TROY FLEECE / REGINA LEADER-POST Originally published on December 4, 2017,…


December 5, 2017

KAIROS Blanket Exercise wrapped into RCMP cadet training

Training educates cadets on history and experience of Indigenous people Photo: RCMP Academy instructors take part in a blanket exercise in Regina this morning. These instructors will reproduce the exercise for new RCMP cadets as part of cadet training, as of…


October 22, 2017

Faith-based group commits to reconciling with Indigenous people

Photo: In the blanket exercise, blankets represent land belonging to Indigenous people prior to contact. As the game goes on, the blankets become smaller, with large distances between them. Listen to podcast. Churches played a major role in residential schools, and…


September 20, 2017

KAIROS Blanket Exercise: Learning Canada’s Dark History

Tansi Nîtôtemtik, In light of the TRC Calls to Action, in particular number 28, which calls upon law schools in Canada to inform their students of the history and legacy of the residential school system1, all incoming 1Ls to the…


September 18, 2017

‘There’s a reason that truth comes before reconciliation’

“You will now be placed on reserves,” Siobhan Rowan told the evening crowd assembled in East Lynn Park on Wednesday, Sept. 13, for Ward 32’s first ever Kitchi Blanket Exercise. The exercise teaches participants about Indigenous history and the effects…


September 8, 2017

‘Blanket Exercise’ helps Regina Public Schools work toward reconciliation in the classroom

Role-playing activity helps participants learn about everything from treaties to residential schools Photo: Teachers at George Lee School in Regina, Sask., participate in The Blanket Exercise on Aug. 29. (Shelly Reed/Twitter) When it comes to Indigenous education in the classroom, Regina Public…


July 28, 2017

How a blanket exercise can be used to teach Indigenous issues

Andrew Nichols talk to Sara Anderson about how a blanket exercise can help teach people in a visual and interactive way about colonialism in Canada and the Indigenous perspective. Listen to audio


July 17, 2017

The history of Indigenous Peoples as told through blankets

The history of Indigenous peoples on the northern part of Turtle Island, what is now known as Canada, was told through a Kairo Blanket Exercise at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Southampton on June 21. Reverend Graham Bland of St….

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