KAIROS Canada KAIROS Blanket Exercise Education Resource Kit (Edu-Kit)

Do you plan to bring the KAIROS Blanket Exercise to your class or youth community?
Do you want to do more than a “one-off” event  and make it a catalyst for learning, but wonder how to prepare and how to plan related lessons?

Then, Kwey! Welcome to the KAIROS Blanket Exercise Education Resource Kit!  (Edu-Kit for short!)

Thank you for finding your way here. By engaging your class, school or community group in the KAIROS Blanket Exercise you contribute to the national movement towards truth and reconciliation.

What you will find in the Edu-Kit

*  Planning Framework including 4 Planning Concepts

Suggestions on how to bring the Blanket Exercise to your school or community centre in a way that is respectful, safe and meaningful.

*  Curriculum covering 4 Learning Areas

Each learning area represents a portion of the Blanket Exercise script, and a historic period or theme. There is an educator’s briefing sheet with suggested resources and lesson ideas for each learning area.

*  Recommended Resources

You will find a glossary of terms with a discussion about language use, and links to other related projects. We will continue to add more resources, like tips for reaching out to Elders and other partners.


In this Edu-Kit we have gathered some of the growing wisdom of educators working with the Blanket Exercise. Stories from across the land make us confident in the value of the Blanket Exercise in diverse education settings. So it’s our goal to create an Edu-Kit useful for all students, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, for schools on reserve and off. While the experience is recommended for older elementary, high-school and adult-ed classes, students as young as grade 2 have participated (with educators experienced in these topics.)

Some people express worry about students becoming more angry, or too sad by participating in the Blanket Exercise. However, educators consistently report that students appreciate the chance to look more candidly at Canada’s history, to express their related thoughts and feelings and be heard by peers. This leads to positive connections, hope and often the desire to help make positive social change.

Surprising openings can occur, for example in one class First Nations students and first-generation Canadian students from Jamaica bridged a divide the day they did the Blanket Exercise, realizing that despite differences, there were many similarities in their cultural history under colonization.

The vision and content of the Blanket Exercise Edu-Kit was a collaborative effort with guidance from many partners and educators who feel the value of the Blanket Exercise. We hope that you will continue to share your journeys with us and help us continue to evolve the Edu-Kit in a collaborative spirit. Later this year we hope to add a discussion forum and Lesson Idea sharing platform. In the meantime feel free to send us feedback at blanketexercise@kairoscanada.org anytime.

Great thanks to all those who have contributed their time and wisdom and warm regards to all of you new to the Blanket Exercise.


The Blanket Exercise Education Resource Kit Team

This Edu-Kit was produced in partnership between KAIROS and the Community Learning Centre Initiative of LEARN in Quebec, with visioning and on-going advisory provided by many Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators, community leaders and Elders.