KAIROS Blanket Exercise Education Resource Kit (Edu-Kit) Curriculum

LEARNING AREAS  |  Pre-Contact  |  Early Contact & Treaties  |  Colonial Governance & Indian Residential School  |  Indigenous Rights, Resurgence & Contemporary Colonialism  |

The KAIROS Blanket Exercise script can be roughly divided into four learning areas: pre-contact; early contact; colonial governance; and contemporary colonialism.

Please note, these are not discrete periods and ideally will be seen as non-linear concepts.  
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Each of the learning areas includes an educator briefing sheet.

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Learning Area One:  Pre-Contact

The KAIROS Blanket Exercise begins with the traditional Indigenous occupation of the land now known as the country of Canada. We see on the maps, and learn from the experience of walking on the blankets, how many First Nations and Inuit communities existed, and how their overlapping territories covered the entire land mass. It is important to note that this period of the exercise lasts for only a few minutes, but represents many thousands of years of time, much more time than the few hundred years of colonization which is addressed in the rest of the Blanket Exercise…

Lesson Area One: Pre-Contact: Briefing Sheet 

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Learning Area Two:  Early Contact & Treaties

The Blanket Exercise continues with the arrival of European people. These people are sometimes referred to as “explorers”, “settlers”, “colonizers” etc… We start to witness the different worldviews encountering each other…

Learning Area Two: Early Contact: Briefing Sheet 

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Learning Area Three: Colonial Governance & Indian Residential School (IRS)

Next in the Blanket Exercise we experience a rapid series of historic events during which the European colonial forces exercise increasing power, including the British North America Act and the establishment of the Canadian government, the passing of the Indian Act, and related policies aimed at isolating the Indigenous presence from being spread out across all of the land to less than ½ of 1% of the original occupied territory. We witness the creation of reserves controlled by Indian Agents, the outlawing of cultural and spiritual practices, and direct attempts at assimilation and cultural genocide through removing generations  of First Nation, Métis and Inuit children from their families and placing them in Indian Residential Schools…

Learning Area Three: Colonial Governance: Briefing Sheet

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Learning Area Four:  Indigenous Rights, Resurgence & Contemporary Colonialism

In the final section of the Blanket Exercise, we see how colonialism has continued into recent times. We witness the “60s Scoop” and see that more Indigenous youth have been taken from their communities and placed in non-Indigenous foster homes than all those who were put into Indian Residential Schools (IRS), and we learn about inter-generational effects of the IRS system. We also see the establishment of the National Indian Brotherhood, and other movements towards honouring traditional knowledges and culture, recognition of Indigenous human rights, and Indigenous land rights in Canada, and many other equity campaigns…

Learning Area Four: Contemporary Colonialism: Briefing Sheet

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This Edu-Kit was produced in partnership between KAIROS and the Community Learning Centre Initiative of LEARN in Quebec, with visioning and on-going advisory provided by many Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators, community leaders and Elders.