KAIROS Blanket ExerciseTM Booking a Blanket Exercise

KAIROS is building a national network of Blanket Exercise facilitators for those who are not yet ready to step into the role of Blanket Exercise facilitator, or who are looking for someone to work with. Please contact us a minimum of 6-8 weeks before your event, as there may be someone near you who can help. Read our cancellation policy.

For teachers: please note that at this time we don’t have the capacity to take requests from teachers. We are working with education partners, teacher associations and school boards to make the Blanket Exercise more widely available in the school system and we hope that you will soon feel the impact of that work as you seek ways to bring this teaching tool to your students. The FNMI consultants in your board may be able to help you. 


Contact Name:
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Event Description

When are your preferred dates?
Where is it located?
How much time is available?
How many people are you expecting?
What is the general age range of participants?
Do you have any specific requests or expectations for facilitators?
How did you hear about the Blanket Exercise?
We will be contacting you shortly with a quote. Please note that all requests are pending until official confirmation is received from the KBE Regional Coordinator.

Cancellation Policy

We will attempt to accommodate a request to reschedule if it is made more than 14 days prior to the confirmed date; however a service charge of 20% of the cost of the booking will be applied. Likewise cancelling once a session has been confirmed results in a 20% service charge.

Cancellations within 14 days of a booking will result in being charged half of the facilitation fee.

Cancellations within 7 days of the booking will result in being charged in full.

Changes due to extreme weather are not subject to fees if rescheduled.

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