Booking a Blanket Exercise Terms of Use

Please do your best to work in partnership with Indigenous people when delivering this workshop, paying special attention to the protocols of the traditional territory you are on.

Be mindful that the Blanket Exercise may cause strong emotions and act as a potential trigger for participants, particularly those who are Indigenous (but who may not have self-identified). Please offer support during and after the workshop to ensure that the Blanket Exercise is as safe an experience as possible. See the Health Support page for more information.

We encourage widespread use of the KAIROS Blanket Exercise, however we ask that you always acknowledge KAIROS as the creator of this teaching tool, including in all promotional materials, and that you use the term “KAIROS Blanket Exercise” and the acronym “KBE.” If people want more information, please refer them to

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If you are charging participants a fee, please talk to us first. KAIROS would like to see a portion of the proceeds go towards supporting the Blanket Exercise program. In addition, we want to ensure it is not a profit-making endeavor.

If your organization is interested in using the Blanket Exercise as a regular workshop or training tool, please contact us at The first step will be to negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines and clarifies expectations, roles and responsibilities.