KAIROS Blanket Exercise Meet the Team

Elders and Advisors

The Blanket Exercise is an excellent means of educating Canadians about the history of this land. The AFN is proud to partner with KAIROS Canada to heighten awareness and reconciliation through this very important and powerful activity.” Assembly of First Nations

The KAIROS Blanket Exercise program was developed in partnership with Indigenous and non-Indigenous community educators, and this approach continues to guide the program. Today, more than 50 Indigenous Elders and knowledge-keepers work with the KBE’s national network of facilitators and trainers to update and enhance KBE scripts and materials, co-lead KBE workshops, and expand awareness and use of this important educational tool.

Facilitators and Staff

The KAIROS Blanket Exercise program is delivered by a national team of trained facilitators led by a network of regional coordinators, and supported by staff in Ottawa and Toronto. Meet the KBE team.

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