Training Videos

Thank you for deciding to lead a Blanket Exercise! This online facilitator training session consists of eight short videos with a few questions following each video. The time it takes to complete the session will vary depending on your prior knowledge of the issues and process. Some of the questions are open ended and as you gain experience you will probably revisit them with new insights.

During the exercise, things can arise that are out of your control or that will require you to improvise on the spot. Adequate preparation is important​ because you have a responsibility to the participants and the content and but be kind to yourself because some things you will not be able to prepare for and you will have to learn as you go.

You can take notes or go back and re-watch any of the videos at any time. You might also want to familiarize yourself with the script before starting.

Video #1: Introduction

An overview to get you started.

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Video #2: Materials and Set-Up

Learn how to prepare the room and compile the props you will need.

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Video #3: Setting the Tone

Working to ensure participants step into the exercise in a good way.

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Video #4: Facilitation – Maps

Learn how the three maps ‎(“Turtle Island”, “Treaties”, and “Aboriginal Lands Today”) ‎are used to introduce the importance of land in the Blanket Exercise.

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Video #5: Facilitation – Script

Learn about how the beginning of the Blanket Exercise unfolds and how the script can be adapted for your own context.

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Video #6: Facilitation – Script (2)

Learn about the actions and flow of the second half of the Blanket Exercise script.

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Video #7: Facilitation – Talking Circle

Learn about the importance of the talking circle discussion that follows the Blanket Exercise.

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Video #8: Next Steps

What are the next steps after you facilitate a blanket exercise?

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