Welcome to the KAIROS Blanket Exercise Program

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Our History

Created in 1997 by the Aboriginal Rights Coalition (ARC), a precursor to KAIROS, the KBE was intended to introduce Canadians to the major themes and findings of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP). ARC brought together Indigenous Elders and educators with allies who wanted to make sure that RCAP and its recommendations were not shelved and forgotten. The KBE is built on the foundation of these long standing, collaborative initiatives and relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to raise awareness of continuing injustices and impacts of colonization, and to promote further learning. For over almost 25 years, ARC and now KAIROS have guided the KBEs development with the leadership of Indigenous Elders and facilitators. The script has been updated numerous times to reflect current events, including most recently the final reports of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada  and the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

Who Should Do The KBE?

Our vision is for everyone in Canada to experience a KAIROS Blanket Exercise at least once. We have adapted the KBE for different community contexts. For more information about the KBE in Indigenous communities, K-12 schools, government, industry, grassroots organizations, newcomer communities, or groups outside Canada, please click here to view more about Who Should do the KBE.

Meet Our Team

Come Meet Our Team from the KAIROS Blanket Exercise Program


KAIROS is a movement of Indigenous, settler and newcomer peoples committed to ecological justice and human rights. Through KAIROS, people of faith and conscience work together for change in Canada and beyond. We bring together 10 churches and religious organizations in faithful action, as well as Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, human rights and ecological justice advocates from Africa, Latin-America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, young activists with Elders, and women human rights defenders from around the world. KAIROS’ Indigenous rights work is based on four decades of solidarity, education and advocacy for recognition of Indigenous inherent rights to land and self-determination as distinct peoples and nations.