The visual aspect of this exercise is so impactful. It really resonated with me that I was participating from another perspective rather than being told what had occurred during colonization, and the experience really captured the idea of intergenerational trauma to today’s current events.

Katie B

The delivery of the historical content was the best I’ve seen. They get you immersed in the story right away, with in depth explanations of the terrible things that happened to Indigenous people. They really make reflect and question on how we can be better moving forward.


I requested this activity for the all the staff in my organisation to experience at the same time. I knew that having this shared learning experience would help to set a thoughtful and empathetic tone for the start of a new school year as many of us have not learned the history of Canada through the lens of Indigenous Peoples. The facilitators at Kairos were well-prepared, warm, and friendly which made us feel comfortable and open to learning about the truth. The sharing circle was incredibly powerful too as it gave us connections to each other as we reflected on the experience.

Natasha B

KAIROS has successfully managed to see a global pandemic not as a barrier to delivery, but as an opportunity to adapt and enhance their strongest teaching tool. The Virtual KAIROS Blanket Exercise is equally as engaging, and even more visually impactful with the inclusion of narratives through multimedia.

Clifford M

I have always found KAIROS Blanket Exercises do be deeply impactful for deepening my understanding of the harm and horrors experienced by Canada’s Indigenous people since colonization. I found, to my absolute surprise that the virtual KBE was, in some ways, even more impactful than in person. I highly recommend this exercise, either virtual or in person, if you are at all interested in deepening your understanding of Canada’s untold history, and Canada’s amazing Indigenous people.

Zoë S