After experiencing a KBE, people often ask: “What’s next?” It’s a great question. KAIROS has always envisioned the KBE as one small step on the journey of learning and unlearning. What follows are some suggestions on what you can do after participating in a KBE.

You can get involved in the KAIROS Blanket Exercise in a variety of exciting ways, such as: volunteering with KBE Regional Community Coordinators to arrange logistics, assembling KBE kits and materials, and helping to transport facilitation teams. Please contact us at, or 613-235-9956 to discuss these and other exciting volunteering opportunities.

Learn More

Continue to build on the knowledge you have gained through the KBE. There are many great resources out there to deepen your knowledge. When trying to decide which one to choose, consider the following:

  1. Does the resource / media include Indigenous authors/contributors? If not, how will this affect the information presented?
  2. What is the date of the resource? There are always updates in Indigenous rights work and allyship movements and while background information is useful, it is important to access newer resources.

Check out our infographic with a few key books, courses, podcasts, documentaries, and other media to continue your learning.

We also have lists of additional resources grouped by theme at our “deeper dive” resources page .

Take Action

Support Indigenous artists and businesses! Consider buying gifts or other items from Indigenous artists and entrepreneurs. This CBC article explains why you should buy from Indigenous artists and crafters, and how to find Indigenous Artists in your territory.

Donate to Indigenous services in your city or region or support local Indigenous land defenders or movements. Your Friendship Centre may have suggestions of initiatives close to home. Also, consider following the #SettlerSaturday hashtag on Twitter to find opportunities to donate or buy goods from Indigenous people across Turtle Island.  

Challenge racism (statements, attitudes, and actions) in your circles. Remember Senator Murray Sinclair’s challenge: “…it is what we say to and about each other in public and in private that we need to look at changing.” This is very difficult to do with people we know. This resource on bystander intervention training has some helpful information.

Get Involved!

Follow KAIROS on social media and raise awareness of the KBE! We want everyone in Canada to have the opportunity to experience the KBE at least once.

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Get involved in advocacy and awareness campaigns for Indigenous rights or support Indigenous land defenders in the territory where you live. Visit the Indigenous Rights page on our website for more information and ideas.

Settler allies, we recommend reading the Ally Bill of Responsibilities, by Dr. Lynn Gehl (Algonquin Anishinaabe-kwe), and checking out the Montreal Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy Network’s “Indigenous Ally Toolkit” before you begin.