KAIROS has successfully managed to see a global pandemic not as a barrier to delivery, but as an opportunity to adapt and enhance their strongest teaching tool. The Virtual KAIROS Blanket Exercise is equally as engaging, and even more visually impactful with the inclusion of narratives through multimedia.

Clifford M.

After 6 months of development and testing with many feedback loops and input from our networks and communities, KAIROS began delivery of the vKBE – (virtual KAIROS Blanket Exercise) in January 2021. Maintaining the impact and participatory nature of the KBE, while ensuring that participants are well supported as they experienced the history and shared stories was a priority.

More than simply replicating our popular in-person KBE in an online form, we have created a powerful virtual version that some participants have described as “more impactful than the in-person exercise.” Hosted on the Zoom platform, the vKBE incorporates new interactive and engaging elements that visually and emotionally demonstrate the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada through colonization to present times.

The vKBE is a live, participatory experience, not a webinar or lecture. Our facilitation teams support participants via online features and special measures, and host virtual talking circles for the second half of the exercise.

The vKBE was initially developed in response to the physical distancing restrictions of COVID-19 and the global pandemic, but has other far-reaching applications including:

  • remote learning and work environments
  • cross-country team training
  • isolated and remote environments that are difficult to get in-person KBE delivery

KAIROS has and continues to make concerted and meaningful efforts to adjust the blanket exercises to be able to offer it within these changing times. The unique experience of the virtual KBE is an effective and impactful platform for attendees to continue to learn about Canada’s indigenous history.

Nancy R.

Booking and Participating

The vKBE is suitable for groups of between 20 and 46 participants. If your group is larger than 46, we will work with you to book several sessions, concurrently or at different times or dates. All participants need to be logged into different computers and have access to the Zoom platform. The use of phones, tablets, or other handheld devices is not recommended for best experience of the vKBE.

After you have submitted a request for your private vKBE our administrator will send you a quote and work with you to finalize a date and time for your group. Once your vKBE is confirmed and booked, you will be sent a virtual package with instructions for participants and all needed materials.

To attend a vKBE as an individual or a small group of less than 15, please send us an email and your name will be added to a list. You will be notified of registration once an open vKBE is scheduled.

I have always found KAIROS Blanket Exercises to be deeply impactful … I found, to my absolute surprise that the virtual KBE was, in some ways, even more impactful than in person. … I highly recommend this exercise, either virtual or in person…

Zoë S

I found this to be an extremely engaging and powerful experience. …I am truly grateful. I felt well informed and deeply moved. I felt engaged and heard.

Virtual KBE Pin