KAIROS Blanket Exercise

The KAIROS Blanket Exercise is a program of KAIROS CANADA. KAIROS Canada is an ecumenical movement for ecological justice and human rights around the globe. KAIROS Canada is funded under various organizations and individuals just like you. We work together for extraordinary change.

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KAIROS is not booking KBE requests at this time.

The KAIROS Blanket Exercise is such a meaningful program to KAIROS and communities abroad. This is why after the long pandemic pause, we are so very encouraged to see the great number of requests for in-person KBEs flooding in.

We had pivoted to deliver virtual KBEs (vKBEs), which launched in mid-January, to keep the spirit of reconciliation through education and understanding going. The vKBEs have been very well received and even as they are being scheduled into 2022, we at KAIROS know there is still a desire for in-person KBEs to resume. We are working towards this goal and taking the time we need to fully prepare and equip our amazing team to deliver the in-person KBEs in a safe, honouring, and excellent way. For now, KAIROS will continue to deliver the vKBEs that are booked. We will begin to schedule new vKBEs and in-person KBEs on or around Monday, November 15th.

We look forward to delivering the powerful KBE experience to you in the coming season. We will continue to provide regular updates via the KAIROS Blanket Exercise website and the KBE e-newsletter.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support.

KBE Programs

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The Virtual KAIROS Blanket Exercise is equally as engaging, and even more visually impactful with the inclusion of narratives through multimedia.

If you have requested a virtual KAIROS Blanket Exercise (vKBE), please note that our next availability is in March 2022. 

If you have requested an in-person KBE, these are currently available in most regions, or will soon become available. You may switch a vKBE request to an in-person request in order to secure an earlier date, if that is your preference. If you wish to do this, please reply to the email you receive from our initial response to your request stating this as your preference. 

With many thanks for your patience.