KAIROS Blanket Exercise Covid-19 Update

Given that mandates and restrictions across the country have all been lifted and moving towards declaring COVID an endemic, in the same way influenza is an endemic, we too are now lifting our COVID guidelines for KBEs.

To support this transition:

  • we will remain flexible:
    • in the event that a host has maintained any covid-related protocols, we will ensure the facilitation teams are in compliance
  • we no longer require facilitators to be fully vaccinated
  • for any KBE, masks and hand sanitizers can be used at the facilitators’ discretion
    • facilitators can wear a mask if they wish to do so, or any participants
  • as a facilitator, if you are still uncomfortable facilitating in-person KBEs at this time, please do not step up to facilitate. However, let your Regional Coordinator know you wish to remain on our list of facilitators
  • facilitators can return to scripts used pre-pandemic
    • facilitators can chose to use the social distancing adaptations, if they wish, but its not required

KAIROS Updates

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