The KBE is for Everyone

Since 1997, tens of thousands of people in Canada and around the world have experienced the KAIROS Blanket Exercise in a wide variety of settings, including government, educational, health, law enforcement, faith, not-for-profit and grassroots.

The standard KBE script has been adapted for different audiences. There are regional and sector-based scripts, and scripts for youth currently in development.

The most recent KBE scripts are available in English, French, and Spanish.

Indigenous Communities

The KAIROS Blanket Exercise has been used as a teaching tool in Indigenous communities and contexts. Because the KBE can trigger emotions, particularly for Indigenous participants, as an added precaution we work on site with Elders and mental health support resource people to create safe spaces.

Indigenous communities interested in booking a KAIROS Blanket Exercise will always be considered for a subsidy. Our commitment to subsidize Indigenous communities is one of our KBE Community principles. Please indicate if you are booking on behalf of an Indigenous community in the comment section of the Request a KBE form.

KAIROS invites Indigenous communities interested in customizing this teaching tool to their specific territory, or Indigenous agencies or entrepreneurs interested in using this exercise regularly, to please email to discuss a partnership and training options .

K-12 Schools

KAIROS has introduced the KAIROS Blanket Exercise to schools across the country. Please go to Request a KBE to bring the KBE into your classroom.

KAIROS is also partnering with School Boards, Districts, and Divisions to train teachers to facilitate the KAIROS Blanket Exercise in their schools. Please contact for more information about partnerships and training. 

Teachers are also invited to visit the Beyond the KBE section of this website for historical materials, educational resources, reports, educators’ kits, and various activities for K-12 students related to Indigenous history, culture, and reconciliation .

Government Departments and Agencies

In response to the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s “94 Calls to Action”, which aim to redress the legacy of residential schools and advance the process of reconciliation in Canada, all levels of government are seeking ways to advance the process of reconciliation through education, as outlined in Call to Action 57. To help achieve this goal, your government agency or department can arrange a one-time KAIROS Blanket Exercise as part of your professional development programming or team-building activities. Please visit Request a KBE to learn how you can bring the KAIROS Blanket Exercise to your team, department or agency.

If your department or agency is interested in using the KAIROS Blanket Exercise as a regular workshop or training initiative, please contact for details about entering into a Partnership Agreement.  

At the Grassroots

The KAIROS Blanket Exercise has been delivered in many settings, such as libraries, community centres and public parks, as well as to a wide variety of groups including not-for-profit and faith-based organizations, NGOs, and Indigenous communities. To ensure that cost is not a barrier to experiencing the KBE, KAIROS uses a sliding fee scale to determine fees and provides subsidies for groups with limited budgets for educational activities. We prioritize subsidies for Indigenous community groups, youth-led groups, newcomer groups, and grassroots movements.

Please complete the Request a KBE form at least eight weeks prior to your event. Be sure to indicate if you are requesting a KBE on behalf of an Indigenous community group, a youth-led group, a newcomer group, or a grassroots movement in the comment section of the request form.

Newcomer Communities

The last two Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada refer to the need for newcomers to Canada to be aware of the true history of the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. KAIROS has brought the KBE experience to many newcomer communities in various languages and with simultaneous translation. Be sure to indicate if you are requesting a KBE on behalf of a newcomer community in the comment section of the Request a KBE form.

Groups Outside Canada

KAIROS has collaborated with many Indigenous groups and organizations outside Canada to bring adapted versions of the KAIROS Blanket Exercise to Central and South America and Australia.

If you are interested in learning how to bring a KAIROS Blanket Exercise to your community or organization outside Canada, please contact the Global and Newcomer Coordinator.