**As of September 1, 2020, KAIROS is once again accepting bookings for in-person KAIROS Blanket Exercises (KBEs) across all regions.  To ensure the health and well-being of participants, hosts, and facilitation teams, we have developed detailed and comprehensive  Health & Safety Protocols and adapted the script to allow for physical distancing.  We are also limiting the number of participants in each KBE to 30, and recommending outdoor locations, if possible, or well-ventilated areas. We continue to monitor information from Health Canada and Provincial & Regional Health Authorities to ensure compliance with the  most up-to-date safety guidelines.

For more information on in-person KAIROS Blanket Exercises, please contact Jessica Pichard at jpichard@kairoscanada.org

New! Request A Virtual KAIROS Blanket Exercise ( vKBE)

KAIROS launched an online, live-hosted virtual KAIROS Blanket Exercise workshop in January 2021. If you are interested in the vKBE, please note this in the Request Form below.

We are experiencing higher than normal volume of requests and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Currently, we are booking vKBE’s into mid-December 2021.
In-person sessions are available in most regions.

Please submit this form to RECEIVE AN ESTIMATE for a KAIROS Blanket Exercise

Please note that completing the form does NOT automatically book a KBE. Once the form has been submitted, a member of the KBE team will contact you with an estimate or a request for more information. You will receive confirmation of your booking once the terms have been accepted. Please review the Cancellation Policy.

Please contact us a minimum of 6-8 weeks before your event.

If you are interested in booking multiple KBEs on a regular basis, please consider becoming a KBE partner. Visit Become a Facilitator or Partner for more information.

The form works best with the Google Chrome browser. If you experience any problems with the booking form, please contact Connor at csarazin@kairoscanada.org.

Outside of Canada:

We have collaborated with many Indigenous groups and organizations outside of Canada to bring adapted versions of the KAIROS Blanket Exercise to Central and South America, Europe, and Australia.

If you are interested in learning how to bring a KAIROS Blanket Exercise to your community outside of Canada, please contact the Global and Newcomer Coordinator.