If your organization or group would like to offer the KBE internally on an ongoing basis to employees or members, please contact us to establish a KBE Partnership Agreement. If you are interested in a small number of KBEs, you may wish to consider booking through KAIROS. Request a KBE today!

If you are outside of Canada, please contact the Global and Newcomer Coordinator for more information on how to partner with KAIROS. If you are an Indigenous consultant or small business, please contact our Partnerships Coordinator to discuss how to use the KBE.

Why Should You Partner With KAIROS?

As organizations increasingly implement cultural awareness and education programs in their workplaces, the KBE has proven to be an effective and unique staff training tool for the dozens of national, provincial, and municipal agencies, organizations and government departments. KAIROS recognizes the need for each KBE to be led in a way that respects the safety of all participants and facilitators, while also honouring our KBE Community Principles. Together we can build a national community of trained facilitators, collectively develop and share skills, and expand the use of this important teaching tool in a good way.

What Does A Partnership Include?

By establishing a partnership around the use and delivery of the KBE, organizations become part of a national KBE Community with several additional benefits, including:

  • A training tailored to meet your organizational needs.
  • Access to up-to-date scripts and materials.
  • On-going professional development such as special facilitator-training sessions and webinars.
  • Meaningful mentorship from experienced KBE facilitators, when requested, as well as participation in an information-sharing network.
  • Subscription to a KBE Facilitators E-newsletter.
  • Membership in a national network of KBE facilitators and Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers who are linked by a commitment to have a greater impact through education and collective action.

What Are The Costs Associated With A Partnership Agreement?

There are two fees associated with a Partnership Agreement.

The first is an annual license fee for the use of the KBE Workshop and supports the national KBE program, including compensation for Elders & Knowledge Keepers, facilitators, Regional Directors and Program Coordinators, and resource development such as training modules and scripts. Through these fees, your organization also enables KAIROS to subsidize Indigenous communities and groups, grassroots movements, and others without the budget for these kinds of reconciliation activities. Annual contributions are based on a sliding scale that takes into account a number of factors including how often you wish to use the KBE and how many people you plan on delivering this workshop to within a certain time period.

The second is the KAIROS Blanket Exercise Facilitator Training fee. This fee supports compensation for Indigenous trainers, Elders and Knowledge Keepers and covers training-related expenses, as well as the development of training modules and other resources.

What Is The Process For Becoming A Partner?

KBE facilitation teams require meaningful Indigenous leadership and involve consultation with Elders or Knowledge Keepers. KAIROS encourages interested organizations and groups to develop relationships with the Indigenous community in whose territory you are working.

For more information about Partnership Agreements, please contact our Partnerships Coordinator. Once a Partnership Agreement has been concluded between KAIROS and your organization, you will be contacted to begin organizing a KAIROS Blanket Exercise Facilitator Training session for those you identify as potential facilitators. Once your facilitators have successfully completed the training session, you can begin using the KBE as per the Partnership Agreement.

What Does The KAIROS Blanket Exercise Facilitator Training (KBEFT) Session Include?

The KBE Facilitator Training (KBEFT) session is designed for workplaces and organizations wanting to incorporate the KBE into their existing staff development/education programs by providing training to selected staff members who can then facilitate the KBE within their organization. The flexibility of the KBEFT session enables organizations to host in-house, on-site training for multiple staff trainees or opt to send a few staff to a community KBEFT session where they will be trained as KBE facilitators together with a diverse group of participants. Please note there are different costs associated with each option.

The KBEFT session uses materials specially developed for the workplace setting, an experiential learning approach that actively engages the adult learner, and a unique facilitation model led by Indigenous and non-Indigenous KBE Trainers.

Topics covered under the two-day training session include working with Elders and Knowledge Keepers and trauma-informed facilitation principles. Collective experiencing of the KBE and a practice run-through are part of the KBEFT.