KAIROS Blanket Exercise Become a Partner

The Blanket Exercise was highly effective in delivering such a powerful message. I was deeply moved by the activity as well as the resulting discussion. I will definitely recommend this training to my coworkers and spread the word. The exercise has altered my perceptions and introduced a new way of thinking, for which I am grateful.” (KBE Participant, Canada School of Public Service)

Establish a Partnership

As organizations increasingly implement cultural awareness and education programs in their workplaces, the KAIROS Blanket Exercise (KBE) program has proven to be an effective and unique staff training tool for the dozens of national, provincial and municipal agencies, organizations and government departments that have already established a partnership that includes having KAIROS train their staff in the use and delivery of the KBE.

The KBE Facilitator Training (KBEFT) program was especially developed for workplaces that want to incorporate the KBE into their existing staff development/education programs by providing training to selected staff members who can then facilitate the KBE within their organization. The KBEFT program’s flexibility enables organizations to host in-house, on-site training for multiple staff trainees or opt to send a few staff to a community KBEFT session where they will be trained as KBE facilitators together with a diverse group of participants.

The KBEFT program uses scripts and materials especially developed for the workplace setting, an experiential learning approach that actively engages the adult learner, and a unique facilitation model led by Indigenous and non-Indigenous KBE master trainers.

By establishing a partnership around the KBE, organizations become part of a national community of KAIROS Blanket Exercise users with several additional benefits, including:

  • Access to the secure KBE website with the most up-to-date (multi-lingual) scripts and materials
  • On-going professional development such as special facilitator-training sessions and webinars
  • Meaningful mentorship from experienced KBE facilitators as well as participation in an information-sharing network
  • Subscription to the KBE Facilitators’ E-newsletter
  • Membership in a national network of KAIROS Blanket Exercise facilitators, Indigenous Elders, and knowledge keepers who are linked by a commitment to have a greater impact through education and collective action.

To discuss KBEFT options and how to establish a partnership between your organization and KAIROS, email Ed Bianchi.

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