Facilitator Training Update

drawing of training in session

vKBE (virtual KAIROS Blanket Exercise)

The KBE team worked hard over the past year to adapt the KBE for the online world and in January 2021 the virtual KBE (vKBE) was launched. To date there have been over 100 deliveries and we are booked into September. 

The next round of facilitator training for each of the three vKBE roles – lead facilitator, co-facilitator & chat moderator – will begin in May. Additional trainings, including for sector partners, are planned for the summer and fall.  We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we work through the strategic training plan.

KBEFT (KAIROS Blanket Exercise Facilitator Training)

In the same way that the suspension of in-person programming due to pandemic restrictions inspired development of the vKBE, the KAIROS Blanket Exercise Facilitator Training (KBEFT) process was also adapted to allow for the training of KBE facilitators during COVID-19. Hybrid KBE Facilitator Training sessions are blended experiences that include online modules and incorporate strict COVID-19 safety protocols during the in-person components.

The first part of the hybrid KBEFT (hKBEFT) is the same as a regular KBEFT and involves delivery of the KBE in-person by experienced facilitators and circle work debriefing afterwards. At all stages of the in-person experience, strict health and safety protocols are closely followed. The second part of the hKBEFT includes two 4-hour online ZOOM sessions delivered by two experienced KBE trainers.

The hKBEFT was piloted recently in British Columbia for the Okanagan Nation Alliance, led by the Matriarchal Kwu Stemtima Grandmothers Group. The ONA chose the hybrid KBEFT to ensure community health and well-being during COVID-19.

There is a community hKBEFT for Indigenous communities as well as a hKBEFT for government and sector partners. While taking slightly different approaches, both have similar learning outcomes. Additional pilots are planned for the next few months.