Women Resisting Extractivism Film Club

Women Resisting Extractivism Movie Night Poster

Join KAIROS’ MERE Hub from February to June 2021 for a monthly virtual film club on the gendered impacts of resource extraction.

Participants will meet virtually for screenings and discussions of films on the intersection of gender and large-scale resource extraction in Canada and abroad.

The film club will highlight the leadership of women land and water defenders and attempt to create a generative online space for participants to come together, learn, and build community. Each of the sessions will be planned, led, and facilitated by a land defender. The COVID-19 pandemic has confirmed the devasting impacts of large-scale resource extraction on human rights and the environment. Many state governments have deemed the extractive sector an essential service, endangering the health and safety of workers as well as that of communities living near megaprojects. Corporations have been heavily lobbying governments to deregulate the sector or enact legislation to criminalize grassroots mobilizations against extractivism. Meanwhile, land and water defenders continue to be harassed, targeted, and attacked for their efforts to protect Mother Earth.

Mother Earth and Resource Extraction: Women Defending Land and Water (MERE Hub) is a digital platform on the gendered impacts of resource extraction, created for and in consultation with women land defenders from across the globe who are mobilizing around large-scale resource extraction. It builds on KAIROS’ work with partners on these issues. A number of videos, including the introductory video, the Gendered Side of Corporate Accountability can be found on the site.

Women Resisting Extractivism: A Monthly Movie Night with MEREHub.ca will be hosted on Zoom.

The first session will take place on Tuesday, February 16th at 7:00pm EST. More information, including a registration link, will be available on the KAIROS website in the coming days. Stay tuned!